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Bendgate: Apple just sold defective iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus devices, which deform...

It will be interesting to see how iFans will defend their decision to purchase new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus for a premium, now. Earlier, if they tend to lose the debate on...

Pocket Geometry, turn your Windows Phone into your study buddy

Education apps are a handy addition to your current smartphone, most education apps focus on someone who is currently taking a class on the subject.  This app mainly focuses on kids who are taking...

Poki, a Pocket client, hits Windows Phone store

If you have been sitting at home with your figures crossed waiting for the day a pocket client hit the windows phone store then today is your lucky day.  Personally I thought the Lumia...

Squirrel a fully featured Pocket app for Windows Phone. Impressions!

For those missing an official Pocket app on Windows Phone, there is a good news. Squirrel which looks like a pretty capable 3rd party Pocket app has landed on windows phone store. It allows...


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