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Now #Apple copies #Lumia 1020’s promotion strategy too for #iPhone 5S.

 [embedit snippet="fluids"] You may be able to recall Award-winning National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez using a Nokia Lumia 1020 to capture stunning images during a unique storytelling expedition in the iconic America West. He opined that Lumia 1020 performed like a DSLR every time. Now, Apple which boasts of being the innovator

Jo Harlow: 16-lens Array Camera, Dual-Sim capability and better processors coming to future Lumia devices.

Nokia's executive vice president for smartphone business, Jo Harlow has almost confirmed in an interview that adoption of earlier reported 16-lens Array Camera technology from Pelican Imaging  in future Lumia smartphones is indeed being worked on by Nokia engineers. If you remember we reported two stories about, Nokia investing in Pelican imaging and then later Pelican