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PhotoBeamer for Windows Phone updated

PhotoBeamer for Windows Phone gets updated. There is no change log available, so we assume bug fixes and performance improvements. However Microsoft is going to discontinue this app on October 30, and it will be...

PhotoBeamer & Tube Pro for Windows Phone receive updates

Time for some new updates!!! PhotoBeamer & Tube Pro have been updated to latest versions and while there is no changelog for PhotoBeamer, it seem Tube Pro has below changes to show with the latest update. Tube Pro Changelog: fix...

PhotoBeamer comes to WP7.5 Lumia devices. Windows Phone store comes to new markets, adds...

Nokia's photo projecting application "PhotoBeamer" which has been announced for Lumia WP8 devices is now available for WP 7.5 devices. The PhotoBeamer is now available for download for Nokia Lumia 510, Lumia 610, Lumia 710,...

Nokia intoduces “PhotoBeamer” application for Lumia WP8 devices.

Nokia has introduced an innovative application "PhotoBeamer" for Lumia WP8 devices. You can watch your photos from Lumia phones at any screen displaying www.photobeamer.com. This is how it works. You install the app and use it...


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