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Build 14322 Tip: Pressing on notifications brings go to settings & turn-off options

Windows 10 Mobile Build 14322 is quite feature-packed and brings so many changes that it is not difficult to forget some when you demo others. We reported about some unreported Windows 10 Mobile Build...

UWP Nitro Nation for Windows 10 updated with new cars & customizing options

UWP Nitro Nation game has received a new update for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile .The latest update delivers new cars and customizing options. Nitro Nation Changelog: An update to “Nitro Nation” delivers five...

Microsoft Band updated with golf options, Guided Workouts and more

Microsoft today announced a new update for Microsoft Band . The latest update brings more new features and improvements such as Golf Tournament Mode, Guided Workouts and more. New Features: Golf like a pro with Tournament...

Windows 10 Mobile store update brings search suggestions & new menu options

Native store app on Windows 10 Mobile Build 10166 ( and may be other builds too) have been updated and it looks like a good update, so we are covering it here. The new...

Build 10136: New Backup (individual apps) & Developer options (sideloading of apps)

Our Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136 coverage continues. We shared some unlisted Build 10136 features here and here and also demoed the new one-handed Phablet use feature in first hands-on demo of the build. Some...

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