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Jolla goes on sale (online) in Europe. Priced €399.00.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Jolla has now opened sales of its smartphone for European Union countries, Switzerland and Norway. The device, which is priced €399.00 can now be bought from official online Jolla shop. Shipping costs and VAT vary by country and estimated delivery time is 3-4 weeks. Jolla smartphone runs on "Sailfish OS"

Lumia 920 with Vodafone UK plans now available to order at two online retailers. Black and White in stock.

  Good news for those waiting for Lumia 920 to come to Vodafone UK. Black, White, Yellow and Red Lumia 920 with Vodafone plans are available to order at two online retailers "Mobilephonesdirect" and "Digital-phone". Black and White Lumia 920 are in stock at Digital-phone, while Mobilephonesdirect asks for 10 days for the delivery for

3000 units of Lumia 920 ordered on 11th Dec itself at 360Buy.The retailer to procure $320 million worth of phones from Nokia.

Lumia 920 pre-orders were opened by Nokia China on 11th December. Four retailers including Amazon, 360Buy, 51Buy and TMall were taking orders for the device. We further reported that both TMall and Amazon were sold out of their stock the very next day. Now, which is 2nd largest online retailer in China, has