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Lumia 650 to get Mozo accessories very soon

  Mozo has been known for making "Designed for Microsoft Lumia" cases and Back covers for Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL . These cases and back covers in particular add a new refreshing personality to Lumia devices and many Lumia 950 / XL owners have really appreciated them. Now, Mozo

Mozo to ship back covers for Lumia 950 from November 16

Earlier this week, Mozo revealed price of its upcoming cases, which is designed for Microsoft new flagship phone Lumia 950, Now Mozo will deliver those cases on 16th November. Mozo cases for Lumia 950 offers some good features:   Genuine leather Premium finishing with vacuum metal coated polycarbonate Easy charge with QI wireless charging included NFC included Removable