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Cancelled Lumia 2020, Lumia 650 Xl, Nokia XL 2 & others shows up in...

Microsoft cancelled many tablets, smartphones and even smartwatches planned by Nokia after buying the Nokia D&S division. Many of these cancelled devices show up at times and make fans to contemplate the "what if...

Lumia 850 (Honjo) leaks in real-life images. Expected Price, Specs & Release Date

Lumia Honjo or Lumia 850 (Can be Lumia 650 XL too as per some rumors) has now leaked in real-life images in China. The latest leak provides us a close look at the mid-ranger...

These Lumia 850 3D Renders look mouth-watering!!

Recently we have seen lots of leaks of what may be a Lumia 850 XL or Lumia 750 XL or as some claim a Lumia 650 XL. You can catch all our Lumia 850...


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