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Nokia phones don’t violate Interdigital patents, rules ITC

In a good news for Microsoft (As Nokia has already sold its D&S division to Microsoft), ITC has ruled that Nokia Phones don't violate Interdigital patents. Interdigital is a patent-troll company which has brought...

InterDigital loses patent case against Nokia in US.

Yet another good news for Nokia! InterDigital, the patent troll company which has sued Nokia and many other companies for patent infringement in US has lost the case. InterDigital has filed a complaint in...

#Nokia’s appeal against “Interdigital” gets rejected by US high court. Augurs well for Nokia’s...

In a minor setback to Nokia, US High court has rejected its appeal against InterDigital, which contended that InterDigital couldn’t block imports of the devices with disputed technology because it wasn’t making any products...

Judge rules against Interdigital in the patent infringement case against Nokia and others.

We wouldn't blame you for not able to recall this, but some time back a company called "InterDigital" sued Nokia and other companies for infringement of 7 of its patents. Now, we know Nokia's...


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