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ComScore: Windows Phone US installed base reached highest in July with 6.23 million users

ComScore's latest report for US market brings some cheer for Windows Phone fans and Microsoft!! Between months from April to July, Windows Phone installed base has grown by 0.3%, which means hitting its highest percentage of subscribers at 3.6% in last two-year. This means 6.23 million Windows Phone users in US

Statscounter data shows Nokia, S40 and WP may show growth in Q2 after a decline (Nokia, S40) in Q1.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] A look at latest Statscounter data for Vendors and Mobile OS gives insight into how Nokia, S40 and Windows Phone have displayed a growth from March to June 2013, which is obviously Q2. While, both Nokia and S40 have suffered decline in Q1 2013 and have seen their installed