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New Instagram Icon & App design introduced. Windows 10 Mobile update coming soon

Instagram has just announced a shiny new look for its logo and is also rolling out update to its Android and iOS apps that brings a new design and feel. We tried to reach...

Window 10 Mobile Build 14332: Start Screen Icon Bug fixed, king-size notifications

Some more Windows 10 Mobile Build 14332 tidbits here!! It fixes one of the most visible bugs that has been present there in all Threshold builds till now, even in Build 10586.242. If you...

Nokia Lumia Icon Review

The Nokia Lumia Icon, some have called it the best Windows Phone to be released yet, but why does everyone think this is the best Windows Phone yet?  Hopefully I will have that answered...

Is upgrading worth it? Lumia 822 to Lumia Icon

Every owner of a Lumia 928 to a Lumia 520 is waiting for their upgrade to come around or is wondering if they should pay to make the jump to a newer Lumia.  Well,...

Step by step: How to get Preview for Developers on your Windows Phone

With Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview right around the corner, we are all very excited to get our hands on this.  Also, it is not fair that only developers get it so there is...

Imaging comparison: Nokia Lumia Icon vs Canon EOS Rebel XTi

When most people buy a Nokia Lumia with a beefy camera one thing that they wonder is will I have to continue to carry around my usual camera to still capture high quality photos....

Nokia Lumia Icon Day Video vs Low Light Video

This is a simple Video testing Low light video vs day time video.  If you want to see anything particular from the Nokia Lumia Icon just let us know.

Nokia Lumia Icon Unboxing

Today was my lucky day, after speaking to a Verizon Customer Support Rep, he called the Verizon Wireless store and had them set aside a Lumia Icon for me to pick up.  To be...

Updated: (It is fake) Image of HTC 8X running Windows Phone 8.1 reveals icon...

Update: We could confirm that it is a photoshopped image. So nothing to see here! Microsoft Business Twitter account accidentally posted above image days back. In the image you can see HTC 8X running Windows Phone...

More Windows Phone 8.1 leaks: Calendar redesign, Browser file upload, email icon.

With the leaked Windows Phone SDK going to more hands, more secrets are getting revealed. Windowsphonehacker has found some important new features which were not revealed earlier. Windows Phone 8.1 brings not only weekly view...

Jolla News: Sailfish Icon guidelines. Next update. Jolla community (Together.Jolla)

Some Jolla related Tidbits! Sailfish Icon guidelines have been released for the developers. Click here to go to the Icon guidelines page. Jolla has confirmed that next update for Sailfish will arrive in this month only...

Lumia 929 may arrive with “Icon” branding. Nokia Icon?

This will be welcomed by many including yours truly, if comes true . evleaks has mentioned in a tweet that Lumia 929 for Verizon may come with "Icon" branding. Now, we expect Lumia 929 to...

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