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Nokia Lumia Icon Review

The Nokia Lumia Icon, some have called it the best Windows Phone to be released yet, but why does everyone think this is the best Windows Phone yet?  Hopefully I will have that answered for you all by the end of the review. Hardware The Nokia hardware we are used to seeing

Nokia Lumia Icon Unboxing

Today was my lucky day, after speaking to a Verizon Customer Support Rep, he called the Verizon Wireless store and had them set aside a Lumia Icon for me to pick up.  To be honest, I was just waiting for something to go wrong with my purchase of this device,

Updated: (It is fake) Image of HTC 8X running Windows Phone 8.1 reveals icon change & new tile-size?

Update: We could confirm that it is a photoshopped image. So nothing to see here! Microsoft Business Twitter account accidentally posted above image days back. In the image you can see HTC 8X running Windows Phone 8.1 and demoing Enterprise Feature Pack. Now, this image was subsequently removed and I could only