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HMD unable to reproduce Nokia 9 PureView Fingerprint sensor issue, to investigate the faulty...

Recently we have seen many sites reporting an issue with a Nokia 9 PureView unit that seems to have a faulty in-display fingerprint sensor. Due to the faulty fingerprint sensor the device gets unlocked...

How fast Nokia 5 Fingerprint scanner is? How to set up

Like its elder sibling Nokia 6, Nokia 5 too comes with a Fingerprint scanner mated to the Home button that can be used to unlock it. The Fingerprint scanner works impressively fast on Nokia...

How fast Nokia 6 Fingerprint scanner really is? Demo & how to set up

Nokia 6 comes with a Fingerprint scanner that can be used to unlock it using your Thumb or any other finger. In fact you can use more than one Thumb or finger to unlock...


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