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PowerPoint and Excel updated on Windows 10 Mobile with new features

Time for some new updates: PowerPoint and Excel have received new update for Windows 10 mobile. The new versions are 17.6741.42592.0. and 17.6741.50142.0 respectively. Latest update of Powerpoint comes with changelog where lots of new features is there. Powerpoint Changelog: Similarly Excel also comes with changelog. Excel Changelog:   Powerpoint Link Excel Link

Universal Windows 10 Excel & PowerPoint apps get updated

Time for some new updates: Universal Windows 10 Excel & PowerPoint apps get updated. The version are 17.6568.40292.0 and 17.6568.17552.0 respectively. The latest update of PowerPoint does not brings  any visible changes. However we can expect smoother performance and bug fixes is there. The latest update of Excel brings many new features such

W10M Mail & Calendar, Office Mobile apps suite updated

Time for many Windows 10 Mobile apps updates!! Mail & Calendar app have been updated to version 17.6308.42272. The new update doesn't bring any noticeable changes however. So we can assume bug foxes and performance improvements. Office Mobile apps, Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNote too have snagged updates. Again it is

W10M Office apps including OneNote snag updates

More apps updates here!! Microsoft has updated Windows 10 Mobile office apps in the Windows 10 Store. The new app version is 17.6131.10062, that looks like a minor update over the last version. It is difficult to know what has changed, but we can assume some bug fixes and performance improvements.