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Nokia making an “important announcement” on 15th May in Canada!!

This may be just the announcement of "Nokia Music"'s arrivalĀ in Canada or may be something much more. But, Nokia Canada has sent invites for a 15th May event mentioning, Join us as we explore the...

Nokia and China Mobile to have a purchase event for Lumia 920T with amazing...

We reported how China Mobile is planning to sell Lumia 920T at amazing on-contract prices starting from 1 Yuan only. China Mobile is now pre-ordering Lumia 920 for full price of 4599 Yuan at...

“Deadmau5” Nokia Lumia live event captured with Lumia 920.

Yesterday Nokia lighted up London's sky with 4D projection in collaboration with Deadmau. A very creative way to spread Lumia's cool image message to masses. So, what better than recording the event with the...

Lumia 900 launch countdown timer on Nokia US’s official Facebook page :)

  Nokia US has put countdown timer to Lumia 900's reportedly high-profile launch eventĀ on its official Facebook page. For this event, Nokia is heading to Times square and there is going to be a surprise...


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