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Lumia has seen huge traction in Indian enterprise space.

[embedit snippet="fluids"]  Nokia has shared good news with top Indian daily TOI that Lumias are seeing huge traction amongst Indian enterprise customers. More than 400 enterprise customers have adopted Lumias amid the BYOD trend, which has worked in favor of Lumia adoption. Finnish handset maker Nokia said it has gained huge traction

Finlands’s top operator Elisa’s best-seller list for April 2013. Lumia 620 and Lumia 820 top selling phones.

Finland's biggest operator "Elisa" has published their best-selling phones list for April 2013. Lumia WP8 devices top both the list for "Private customers" and "Corporate customers". Lumia 620 tops best-selling list for Private customers while Lumia 820 tops best-selling list for Corporate customers. Good to see Nokia ruling sales charts on

AT&T and Verizon customers love their Lumias. A new report based on 142,369 online customer reviews reveals!!

A report on customer satisfaction with smartphones, by US carriers has revealed very encouraging news for Nokia. Out of three carrier on which Lumias are selling, on two bigger carriers, Lumias are the most loved device edging out Apple and Samsung devices in customer satisfaction.  On AT&T and Verizon, Lumia devices enjoy

56% Lumia owners “very satisfied” with their phones. Nokia beats Samsung, Windows Phone beats Android in Changewave’s survey.

Changewave's latest customer satisfaction survey has revealed that in North American smart phone market, Nokia's "Very Satisfied" rating jumped to 56% this quarter putting it above Samsung (55%). Windows Phone operating system (53%) also ranks higher in terms of customer satisfaction than do users of the Android mobile operating system (48%) in