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Surface Phone: Business-oriented with leading security & input features. Don’t expect bleeding-edge specs.


surfacephoneconceptThis is not to comment or discard what has been covered by others about a certain “Surface Phone” in development by Microsoft. We just want to share what we have learned so far about a certain smartphone that may or mayn’t land as a surface phone next year, sometime around May-June 2016.

Surface Phone specification & features (probable):

It will be a business-minded device, that will bring Microsoft’s Surface vision and design to phones and will constitute a part of Microsoft Mobile device portfolio.

It will feature a quad-core, 64-Bit Intel processor with LTE capability. It may very well be Atom X3 LTE (Sofia) processor already supported by Windows 10 Mobile.

Expect Continuum for phones, Iris scanner, USB Type-C and other class-leading security and usability features like enhanced pen and voice input

It will have a screen-size around 5-inch (May be 5.2-inch)

Don’t expect bleeding-edge specs in terms of display resolution, camera and others. We are not very sure but it may pack 10 MP rear camera with OIS and 5 MP FFC. Display resolution will be 1080p.

Metallic body is confirmed with slim and Surface-like design.

One very interesting rumor about this phone is about its capability to run Win32 apps. What hear is that the Windows 10 Mobile at the time of release of Surface Phone will allow running of all sort of Windows apps on supported phone hardware and it may not be limited to Intel processors. Though, Microsoft would field “Surface Phone” as the ultimate productivity smartphone.

One more murmur we hear is about the full Landscape mode and this phone will just work like a mini PC in landscape mode (UI wise).

So that’s what we can tell you about a prototype device, Microsoft is currently testing with Intel processor. As one can expect, prototypes may provide misleading information about specifications sometimes. So, when it comes out it may have better or worse in terms of features and specifications.

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