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Step by Step: Getting WhatsApp on your Nokia X & Nokia XL, even if you can’t register


Latest Update:

Latest official version of WhatsApp is compatible with Nokia X, Nokia XL & Nokia X+. No need for workarounds anymore. Click here to install it on your devices.

Whatsapp nokia xWe have provide many working solutions for enabling you to use WhatsApp on your Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL.

Surprisingly many of you don’t even read the articles properly, don’t even try the solution properly and all you do is to leave “tasteless & useless comments” cursing Nokia and the phone. A smartphone doesn’t come for running just one app and in fact most of the top Android apps are available for Nokia X family of devices.

Anyways, here we are providing a working solution in “step by step” manner with latest WhatsApp Plus version to use. It has worked for even those, who are not able to register.

1) Download older version of WhatsApp. You can download and try version 2.11.205 from here

2) Clear app data (go to settings > apps > WhatsApp > clear data)

3) Change date to 3rd June 2014 (go to settings > Date and time > uncheck “automatic update of time”),

4) Reboot the phone and you should be able to register and use WhatsApp. Only that your messages will be backdated.

5) Uninstall Whatsapp now

6) Set time to present date

7) Install WhatsApp Plus from here

Thanks “Tony Onyango” for this solution!!

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