In case you live in any of the markets (Like India), where Xbox Live support is still not available, you won’t be able to do certain thins or enjoy some features like seamlessly syncing Music available in your OneDrive Music folder to Groove Music app on Windows 10 Mobile or Music app on Windows Phone 8.1. But with some steps you can make that happen. And these steps also help you in getting rid of the sign-in error 0xc00d1388 that many of us encounter while trying to sign-in into Groove music and Films & TV apps.

Groove Music-OneDriveTutorial:

For solving error 0xc00d1388, your Phone region and Xbox Live account region should be one and same. In case it is not you need to migrate your Microsoft account or change the phone region to match to each other. Here is how you can migrate your Xbox Live account from existing region to new one.

Go to the Account migration page.
Sign in using the account that you want to migrate to another region.
At the bottom of the page, click Next.
On the “Moving your Xbox Live account” page, select the region that you’re moving your account to, then click I Accept.

You won’t be able to change your region if any of the following conditions apply:

You changed regions within the last three months.
Your account is currently suspended (for example, if the credit card on one of your memberships has expired).
You have an Xbox 360 Entertainment For All contract.
You are a minor (as defined by applicable law) in your current region and will not be a minor in the region that you want to change to.
You are currently not a minor (as defined by applicable law) in your current region and will become a minor in the region that you want to change to.

OneDrive musicNow coming to forcing OneDrive music sync to Music app on your phone, you need to ensure that regions on both your phone and your Xbox Live account are set to Xbox Live supported market like US, UK etc.

Step 1) On Phone go to Settings–> Region–> Change region to US / UK. Restart the phone and you are done.
Step 2) Follow above “Xbox Live account migration step” to migrate your account to US / UK (same as your phone region)
Step 3) Go back and sign in to Groove Music / Music app using your Microsoft account (Same account should be used for OneDrive and Xbox Live account). You should see all your music stored in Music folder of OneDrive account synced to your phone. As you can see in the above screenshots, you can download the songs for offline use as well.

There is hardly any issue with changing regions on your phone and everything works fine including Store and others. So, tell us whether this has helped you??