Nokia has again done commendable work  by releasing the Software update to fix Lumia 900’s data connectivity issues three days in advance to the earlier communicated schedule of 16th April. That’s amazing. Lots of change in the way Nokia used to operate in past. Keep it up and bring the same speed to Symbian and Meego as well 🙂

Nokia again lists two options,

If you have already purchased a Lumia 900, you have two options. You can either:

  • Use Zune to easily update your phone with the latest software today.
  • Exchange your phone for a new Nokia Lumia 900 at any AT&T store from now until April 21.

Go to to these links for getting Zune on your PC or MAC,

Click here to get Zune for your PC

Click here to get Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac

Update page link