Sky patrolYou may know that we have partnered with myAppFree to bring info about daily hot apps and games deals to you. The app, which has gone free today as myAppFree’s “App of the day” is “Sky patrol”. Read below about the deal’s validity,

Sky Patrol for Windows Phone  will take part of “App of The Day” myAppFree campaign.
Sky Patrol will be free (normal price is $1.99) for 36h starting from 0:0017/09/2014  until 12:00 18/09/2014 UTC Time.

Description & Features:

…A strategic, fast-paced combat game at your fingertips.
Become the eye in the sky and protect an allied convoy as it makes its way through hostile enemy territory.
Are you trigger happy or one of the fortunate ones with 20:20 precision? Either way, in the heat of battle there will be dozens of enemies and targets to take care of at once – let’s just hope you can handle the SKY PATROL challenge!

With strategic weapon deployment and path creation, you have direct control over offensive and defensive weapons. So it’s your job to make sure that everything hits the target – no excuses!
We won’t lie to you; it’s never going to be an easy flight! Don’t panic though, you’ll have a multitude of destructive weapons to play with – each more powerful and explosive than the last.
See you on the other side…hopefully!

• Frantic Arcade Action
• 50 Explosive Levels!
• Gloriously Destructive Weapons!
• Easy to Play – Unbelievably Difficult to Master!
• Hours and Hours of Amazing Gaming with NO Extra Costs!

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