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“Sara Lee” chooses Lumia 800 over iPhone and BlackBerry in a corporate win for Nokia.


In a big corporate win for Nokia, FMCG major “Sara Lee” in Australia has chosen to use Lumia 800 as the corporate mobile solution over likes of iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. The Nokia quality image and stronger enterprise solution of the Windows Phone platform were the major factors behind this win. The good news doesn’t end here, Sara lee is considering to move to WP8 as well in future.

This is what Sara Lee had to say regarding the deal.

Nokia’s reputation for building quality, feature-rich devices, as well as its proven track record in the field were key factors in our decision to deploy Lumia,” said Sara Lee’s IT program manager, Michael Holt.

“We considered alternatives such as iPhone and Samsung. However, Nokia Lumia was a clear winner,” Holt said. “The Windows Phone platform offers a stronger enterprise solution, which provides better back and front office integration for the Sara Lee business.”

A major advantage with Lumia was its integration with Microsoft Lync enterprise voice, Holt said. “We have effectively been able to utilise our own enterprise telephony solution directly from the mobile device.” Holt also liked how the phone connected to Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, and the inclusion of Nokia apps like Nokia Drive, he said. “Staff are now able to access and edit documents on the fly and exchange sales collateral with customers.”

Sara Lee had concerns there could be a steep learning curve for staff, but that hasn’t been the case, Holt said. Microsoft and Nokia gave hands-on training sessions to help staff learn to use the devices.


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