This may be a false rumor and we don’t have any such info from our sources, so take it with loads of salt. From land of Dragon, the latest rumors indicate that Nokia may be planning to launch largest display of 4.7 inch on a Lumia. But, surprisingly rumor says that it will not be some high-end device, but a Lumia 620 successor called Lumia 625. That’s what makes this report doubtful. As per Nokia’s strategy, if 4.7 inch screen will arrive, it has to be a high-end Lumia first and Nokia has not even introduced a mid-range of low-end phone with even 4.5 inch screen,

The rumor further puts the announcement date of this device on 14th May or later. Also, it is supposed to run on 1.2 GHz Qualcomm S4 MSM8960 dual-core processor with a 800×480 resolution display and will have WP8 GDR2 firmware. Most, surprisingly it is supposed to be a LTE device.


Thanks Stefan for the tip. Cheers!!