Verizon SupermanThis comes from TKTechnews, who has been recommended as a trustworthy leaker by none other than evleaks. The tweet claims that a new smaller Lumia is coming to Verizon with 4.5-inch, 720p resolution display and wait 20 MP camera ( highly doubtful though ), LTE. They also claim that the leaked hardware may be with them soon.

As much, we know and it has been confirmed by evleaks and other well-known Microsoft insiders that Verizon is supposed to get Lumia 730 aka Superman with 5 MP Selfie camera. The only benefit of doubt we can give to this leak is that Verizon usually gets slightly modified variants.

But that 20 MP camera!! Even Lumia 830 is not supposed to land with a 20 MP sensor and it will have a 5-inch display.

So, I have my own doubts about this leak, but let’s see, as Leakster has claimed to get the actual hardware soon.