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Rudy Huyn working on a Secret Windows Phone client


6secret Secret.ly is a social networking service with a difference. It lets users share stuff with other anonymously.

Your secrets are delivered anonymously to some or all of the people in your Contacts who are on Secret. They can view, love and comment on your post. When friends love your secret, it will be shared with their friends who are on Secret. If their friends love the post, it can reach even further. Secret may also choose to feature certain posts, and if your post is featured, it will be visiblt to some or all users of Secret.

When your secret travels beyond two degrees (i.e. beyond friends of friends), it will be marked with your general location, like “California”. People beyond two degrees will be able to love your post or comments, but won’t be able to add comments to the conversation.

There is presently no Windows Phone app available for Secret.ly. So Rudy Huyn, the dev of apps like 6tag, 6tin, 6snap decided to change that and he is almost ready with “6secret”. He is presently working to find a suitable logo for the app.

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