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Lumia 1520

Our trusted sources reveal to us that major Indian retailers are already stocking or in process of receiving Lumia 1520 stocks in few days. So, good news is that Lumia 1520 stock has landed on Indian shores. Coming to the probable launch date of the device, Nokia has sent invites for media event on 16th and it is pretty much confirmed that we will see Lumia 1520 getting launched.

Coming to color availability, all the four colors Black, white, Red and Yellow have been promised by Nokia to retailers and Nokia shop will sell Lumia 1520 in all colors. Pricing is a bit tricky part here, as sources reveal that last info they got indicates a pricing of 47499-47999 INR. But, in many cases official pricing comes as a surprise to even the retailers.

Surprisingly, there is now news about Lumia 1320 stock yet from retailers and NPU has been tipped about a delayed availability for Lumia 1320. The device is still under testing in India and may come weeks after Lumia 1520.

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