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Report: Nokia to launch six mobile devices including “Sirius Tablet” and Asha devices on October 22nd #Nokia #World.


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A report from WSJ claims that Nokia can unveil as many as six new devices including the Sirius Tablet which has just passed through FCC as RX-114 and Asha devices.

Nokia  plans to unveil six new mobile devices including its first tablet at an October event in Abu Dhabi, representing its first major product launch since announcing a deal to sell its devices unit to Microsoft according to people familiar with the plan.

The product blitz to be unveiled in Abu Dhabi Oct. 22, will include several Lumia smart devices that run Microsoft’s Windows phone platform, and lower-end devices based on Nokia’s S40 software, these people said. Nokia’s first tablet device will also debut, and will run Windows 8 software.

So, time to have a educated guess about other 5 devices than the Tablet.

Verizon bound Lumia 929 with 20 MP camera, which has also passed through FCC as RM-927.

Asha 502 and 500:

6-inch Phablet Lumia 1520 with 20 MP:

That leaves us with just one more Lumia device. So, a dual-sim Lumia is supposedly coming and we have also seen RM-997 passing through GFXBench. Though, there are rumors of a low-cost Lumia even cheaper than Lumia 520 coming as well.

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