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Project N: Is it beginning of that mythical “NPhone” or “NOS”?

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You may not believe us, but we were tipped 1-2 months back about a “NPhone” being worked on in Nokia research labs. But, it seemed too shallow rumor to actually report without any concrete proof and also Nokia was going full steam with WP!! But seems there is some life in these rumors after all. What we heard was Nokia may be actually working on putting a new OS/UI layer codenamed NOS over Android and the mythical creature called NPhone may come out to challenge the status quo with disrupting innovations….

Now, evleaks has just reported something called “Project N“. Seems interesting? Yes, it indeed is. Has Nokia finally realized the magic of the initial letter in their name? On a serious note, may be it is what many Nokia fans could have always dreamt, of instead of Nokia going WP. Anyways, 2016 can’t come sooner..

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  • peterfrank

    No! The R&D is Nokia!! I think they sold devices and services because windows phone will never gain more than 15-17%! But for Nokia with that many employees worldwide couldnt break even with just that! So they sold it and now beginns the time where they can build from ground up their team( i bet many employees are going back to nokia!) and then they have a small but very experienced young team with just 1/4 of the former employees numbers.
    Just look at Xiaomi and Oppo they just laid a nice Skin over Android and they are getting so muc love from the world! I kinda hope they buy jolla back very soon and give them the opportunity to grow and build excellent devices because sailfish is really cool but the jolla phone is very dissapointing!
    So 2015 with their brands Jolla and Nokia they can attack with an android skin and with sailfish i think that would be amazing!

    • theflew

      Given Nokia will have few phone developers, no design or manufacturing capability I think this rumor will stay a rumor. Sailfish is a non starter. No one in the market is asking for another phone OS that offers no clear advantage.

      WP isn’t as simple as iOS and no where near as complicated as Android. With the newer WP devices coming out in a few weeks that have hardware parity with iOS and Android – things will get interesting. WP will not be running on last Gen tech for the first time.

  • TS

    If it comes, I’ll be on the train.

  • Pekka

    Interesting news, thanks! But is this R&D lab part of MS deal?

    • AAANEH

      Nope. Nokia still owns all the R&D and patents

  • Harsh

    Hello Kamal, is 1020 launching on 26th September ?
    I just read here..