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procamera_sidebyside465This is awesome to see Nokia bringing Amber update and improved imaging algorithms to Lumia 92X pureview devices. Apart from the changes that Amber update brings, there are few changes which come with Pro Camera, (which you can download from the store now) and few of them are very interesting and one of most sought after. So, it brings,

Stereo recording, finally

and surprise 1.8X lossless zoom during video recording which was rally unexpected.

Slide to zoom. First seen on 808 and most intuitive way to zoom ever.

Touch to focus and manual focus

These changes will make imaging and audio capture experience on Lumia 92X really more enjoyable. Check many tutorials posted by Nokia in their article on Pro Camera for Lumia 92X.

UntitledAlso you can check now the updates availability for your product code by checking this official update page. 

It is pleasantly surprising to see T-Mobile devices Lumia 521 and Lumia 810 amongst the firsts to get this update in US.

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