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POV: Yet android 11 update deadline miss. Why Nokia Mobile (HMD Global) needs to clarify


Yet another deadline for release of Android 11 for many Nokia smartphones has come and gone. The device owners have been left high and dry, as there has been no communication whatsoever from HMD Global.

A host of devices including Nokia 5.3, Nokia 5.4 were supposed to get Android 11 in Q2 2021 as per the revised roadmap shared by HMD. And, Q2 has just ended and none of the devices with the exception of Nokia 1 Plus has received the Android 11 so far.

The more worrying part is lack of communication to the user base from HMD Global. There has bee no announcement regarding delays or any clarification about what is the reason behind these delays.

This will naturally result in resentment amongst the most loyal Nokia fanbase that still wants Nokia, the phone brand to survive and thrive. Timely software update has been one of key promises and the USP of overall Nokia smartphone offerings by HMD Global.

Now, failing to live up to those expectations can be really bad for company image and erode brand loyalty. While we have been reporting official communications received mostly via the official Nokia forum in recent days, there is no recent communication about Android 11 there too.

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