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Official Chipolo app is now available for Windows Phone.


0bc4514f-db68-4175-bdca-f6e960d7f276Official Chipolo app is now  available for Windows Phone. This app works in sync  with Chipolo and helps you  find your item, whether it’s lost or was just left somewhere .

For those who don’t know about Chipolo, it is a Bluetooth item finder and its companion app was already available for iOS and Android. This app is simple and easy to use and great news is it being free.


• Find your Chipolo by sound.
• In/Out of range notifications: App will notify you with a sound notification when your Chipolo™ will go out of range or/and when Chipolo™ will go in a range.
• Shake Chipolo™ & Find your phone: If you misplaced your smartphone, shake your Chipolo™, and your phone will buzz to tell you where you left it.
• Temperature sensor: Chipolo™ has a built-in temperature sensor. How cool is that? By knowing the temperature you can determine whether you left it outdoors or indoors.
• Last saved location: If your Chipolo™ is out of range this feature will show you a map with the location of your Chipolo™. You can even use turn-by-turn navigation in Bing Maps app to search for your Chipolo™.

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Thanks Jaydeep for the tip. Cheers!!

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