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Official Android 12 design changes & new animations leaked (video) before the Google I/O event


Android 12 is supposed to bring lots of UI changes, new animations and features. A new video posted by a well-known YouTube channel has now leaked the official Android 12 UI changes and all cool new animations. This videos comes days before the Google I/O event, where Google is supposed to unveil Android 12 update.

Watch the video below that reveals Android 12 UI design changes like a redesigned Lock-screen and quick settings UI. It also features a new theming system. This wallpaper-based theming system can even recolor the 3rd party Android apps. Finally the new animations that look really cool.

One can notice a new music widget in the notifications bar, a new clock widget, a new weather widget, redesigned volume slider, notifications, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles. As per the video, other UI elements including keyboard and app icons are redesigned to offer a consistent design across Android 12. 

We will keep on bringing news and interesting leaks related to Android 12. Stay tuned and keep checking our Android news category for more.

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