NSN_-_LogoNSN has been setting new network speed records, introducing new operations, mobile security solution in last few days and have emerged as the first Network company with “full cloud portfolio” solutions. But wait, there is more to report!

NSN has made its CEM offering more powerful by adding CEM for Loyalty Scores, which provides operators with a near real-time view of the factors behind their customer loyalty measure such as Net Promoter Score (NPS). This allows likely detractors to be identified and causes of dissatisfaction to be pinpointed and resolved, leading to continuously improving loyalty scores and higher operator profitability.

  • CEM on Demand tuned to reflect customer loyalty measures, helps raise customer satisfaction and life-time value
  • Customer Experience Management Umbrella Solution gives wide-angle view of operator affiliates’ CEM performance
  • Trending and migration information on 70 000 device types from Device Portfolio Analyzer, supporting an optimized portfolio for driving data revenue

NSN has also utilizing Nokia’s thrust on utiliing “Cloud” more and more. Nokia Solutions and Networks is enhancing its Liquid Applications for accelerated content delivery and real-time utilization of network information by making use of advanced cloud technology within the base station. These new capabilities enable exciting new classes of services for consumers, enterprises and other market segments.

  • Extends Liquid Broadband family of solutions for efficient content delivery plus network value-add
  • Utilizes cloud technology to enhance services including video and Voice over LTE
  • Offers advanced services for smarter applications and content management
  • Allows voice and data applications to be optimized individually for every subscriber

NSN and Huawei have joined hands to cross-license the OSS interfaces used for multi-vendor management as part of the OSS interoperability initiative. This is the first such kind of agreement between two major vendors.

Under the OSSii agreement, NSN and Huawei will cross-license their proprietary Element Management System (EMS) interfaces. The agreement allows NSN and Huawei  to use the proprietary EMS interfaces for systems integration and provides the rights to develop, manufacture and sell the integrations as part of their OSS system. In the signed agreement, the two companies also define interoperability testing practices.

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