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Nokia XR20 vs Nokia X20 , Long Term Review and Speculation on the Next X series.



The XR20 5G is not a device that anyone expected from HMD Global. It was announced months a part from the Nokia X20. At the time of writing this article, the XR20 costs around USD200 more than the X20.  The X series itself became an interesting platform as this seems to represent the performance category in their portfolio, with the G series representing the budget segment and C series representing the entry level.

So, does the hype around the XR20 truly has significant bearings or is it just another marketing ploy to push a device you don’t actually need? As usual, the views are of my own based on my experience and hopefully it gives the insight that would guide your future purchase.

The Devices

The X20 and XR20’s hardware is already known by now, so nothing much to be shared here. So, I will highlight on the differences. The XR20 is definitely larger in dimension but with the same display size. I will sum the XR20 as having about 2mm of thickness in each dimension for the added protection. The XR20 has an IP68 dust and water resistance up to 1.5m for up to 60 min! It’s meant to survive a drop to concrete up to 1.8m and rated MIL-STD-810H compliant. Basically, a tank in design. Even the display protection is upgraded to Corning Gorilla Glass Victus on the XR20. It has a slightly larger battery as well and supports wireless charging!

The camera is also different, but it mainly feels like a downgrade. There are various posts out there saying otherwise, but as usual, samples are here for your viewing pleasure from both devices , so , you be the judge.

In all honesty, HMD Global could really do a way with the mediocre depth and macro camera for future devices as there are better solutions for these.





Nightmode( not on 9PV)

A lot of Nokia fans have asked about the future X series devices. I have no knowledge of what happens inside HMD Global but we can guesstimate. For that we need to established certain facts. Is the X series actually representing the performance class or would there be other alphabets to represent higher end models? If we take that the X is indeed the highest offering, then the next to address is the numbers attached to the words.  So far we have witness X10,X20,XR20.  All three devices share the same SD480 platform. So, what is the next X series and what will be the specs?

The Future X Series

Assuming that they follow the naming convention above, there are 2 two main possibilities. The refreshed SD480+ processor has nothing much to offer in terms of processing and camera capability. It should offer a better gaming experience in general and some improvements in connectivity. So, does it actually deserve a jump in the naming convention? If this happens, then it is quite likely to follow what the leaks have stated, the X21.  But the question is,  how would they price them as there isn’t much difference in what the SD480+  can offer to differentiate it from the current X line up. So, the setup would be quite similar to the current X offerings with a possibility of high refresh rate screen as the G21 already offers this.Do note that the current X series are still up to get the next major Android update.

The next possibility is the major jump in the naming convention, with the possibility of  introducing a more potent mid range processor, the SD695. It is not entirely impossible for this to be announced as the Nokia X30 perhaps. This is also  likely as it would actually have a more clearer distinction with the current X line up, thereby justifying its purchase at the intended price point. This will also usher in more powerful configuration with supports for QC quick charge 4+ to compliment larger battery, a fast refresh rate up to 120Hz, and possibly the introduction of a 108MP sensor which would be a first for Nokia device. This would certainly generate more interest among current Nokia fans and attract new customers. So, if we were to entertain this in a hypothetical situation, it is also possible that the newer sensor could use the Pureview branding which corroborate with their cryptic tweet previously. It is even possible that the XR and X series to be merge as a single device instead. So, a proper midrange processing power, with a solid build quality, with Pureview branding and possibly a unique design somehow related to the venerable Nokia N9?

My video on my personal experience with these devices along with video samples from both in this link below.


As usual, all this are hypothetical situations based on situational analysis. We can hope, but HMD Global decides.

With that said, what do you guys think? Do we still need SD480+? Do we need an XR series just to push the sales or does the toughened hardware significantly contributes to your purchase decision? As always, it is interesting to know the opinions from fellow readers and fans. Do keep in touch in twitter as I am generally more active there. https://twitter.com/theoriginal086

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