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Nokia XR20 5G unboxing, first impressions, Soap-water soak & bend tests


The latest and toughest smartphone Nokia XR20 5G is in the house. Here we are with its unboxing and first hands-on impressions. And, we have also subjected Nokia XR20 to two quick tests: Bend test and Soap-water soak test.

Nokia XR20 5G feels like a monster of a smartphone in your hand. It doesn’t feel even for a second if something can harm the smartphone. Rather, when you hold it in your hand it feels like a good weapon to hit and break some target. On a serious note “Nokia is truly a Brick again”.

The Nokia XR20 front gives appearance of a modern smartphone with centered punch-hole selfie camera. The Nano-textured back design gives it a more steady feel while holding. The design here is the key differentiator that not only separates Nokia XR20 5G from other Rugged smartphones but also gives an edge over normal smartphones.

Though it is a big smartphone with 6.67-inch display, because of its 20:9 display ratio, it still fits just fine in your hand. Display looks good with deep black color levels and good contrast.

We also subjected Nokia XR20 5G to two tests quickly. It aces both Bend tests and Soap-water soak test with utter ease. In fact, we second the claim made by Nokia Mobile that you can clean Nokia XR20 5G with soap and water if you decide to do so. We will do more tests on Nokia XR20 5G to assess its “Military Grade toughness and durability” as claimed by Nokia Mobile.

Stay tuned for our detailed hands-on coverage of Nokia XR20 5G. Trust us to bring in-depth review of its cameras, performance and other aspects.

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