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Nokia XR20 5G cameras review (in-depth). Full-Size samples & videos


Nokia XR20 5G not only brings military-grade protection with design of an attractive smartphone, it also sports a triple-camera setup at the back. The triple camera module on the back boasts of a 48MP main camera with 13MP ultra-wide camera. Now time for our in-depth Nokia XR20 5G rear and front cameras review.

Nokia XR20 5G rear & front camera specs:

  • ZEISS Optics, ZEISS Portrait, ZEISS Cinematic Effects, SpeedWarp mode, Action Cam mode, Night mode, Cinema mode, HDR, Beautification, Panorama, Watermark
  • Front camera:8 MP, FF, 4H7, f2.0, 1/4, 1.12µm
  • Rear camera:48 MP AF Main, GM1st, f/1.79, 1/2.25, 0.8µm + 13 MP FF Ultrawide 3L6, f2.4, 1/3”, 1.12 µm, 123°FoV
  • Rear flash: Dual-tone LED + Single LED

Nokia XR20 5G daylight samples:

The Nokia XR20 5G captures very detailed images in daylight. The color reproduction is good and close to natural color of the subject.

Nokia XR20 5G daylight samples

It also has good HDR imaging algorithms that can adjust the brightness covering various parts of image accurately. For example in the image below it was challenging to capture cloud and at the same time also brighten the enclosure area on the ground. But the camera did well here.

Nokia XR20 5G Bokeh, Portrait and Macro imaging:

Nokia XR20 5G captures some great bokeh samples with main camera.

Portrait mode is another strong point of the Nokia XR20 camera. Check the sample below captured in portrait mode.

Nokia XR20 5G can capture really close macro images in photo mode. The first image shows the actual size of flowers up-close.

Nokia XR20 5G vs wide-angle mode:

Nokia XR20 5G has a 13MP ultra-wide camera too that helps in capturing 123-deg ultra-wide samples.

This is the normal view captured with the main camera.

Here is the ultra-wide sample of the above view. The ultra-wide mode on Nokia XR20 5G seems to be a strong aspect of the camera.

Nokia XR20 5G color capturing samples:

Nokia XR20 5G keeps colors vibrant in most of the cases, though it captures colors close to real-life. Results are however consistent when one talks about color-reproduction.

Nokia XR20 5G low-light vs Night mode:

This image was captured by Nokia XR20 5G in almost dark conditions in normal photo mode without flash and without scene-detection on.

Night Mode: This is how the same scene looks like when captured in Night Mode with Nokia XR20 5G.

Nokia XR20 5G low-light normal vs Night mode vs flash:

Normal mode:

Night Mode:

With Flash:

Nokia XR20 5G front camera samples:

Nokia XR20 5G front camera captures good selfies in both normal and portrait modes even in low-light conditions.

Nokia 3.4 FFC sample:

Nokia 3.4 Portrait FFC sample:

Nokia XR20 5G daylight, low-light, SpeedWarp & Cinema mode video recording:

Nokia XR20 5G brings a new “SpeedWarp” video recording mode. It also packs OZO audio capture, Cinema mode and other interesting camera recording features. The below video has Nokia XR20 5G Daylight, Low-light, SpeedWarp and Cinema mode samples.

If you check the daylight video sample, Nokia XR20 5G camera performs very well in terms of detail capture with good contrast. In terms of low-light video recording too, Nokia XR20 5G camera excels and captures more light, focuses better than any other recent Nokia smartphone.

Nokia XR20 5G Final camera review:

Nokia XR20 5G rear camera is an excellent performer. Be it stills or video recording, it provides quality output with lots of resolved details. The Nokia XR20 5G captures images with vibrant colors and still keeping the color reproduction close to the subject.

The Nokia XR20 5G camera is really good at capturing pleasing Bokeh, Portrait and closeup macro images. The ultra-wide 13MP camera is the best you will get on a Nokia smartphone. It is a great addition for capturing landscapes and provides really good results.

Nokia XR20 5G front camera is a surprise performer in low-light too. As you can see in the sample images above the Night portrait mode provides excellent results. It keeps skin tone natural and captures pleasing selfies with vibrant colors in daylight.

In low-light too, Nokia XR20 5G rear camera captures well-illuminated images. Night mode on Nokia XR20 5G works much faster and gathers much more light. Again, the camera on Nokia XR20 5G has one of the best low-light imaging performance of any Nokia smartphone camera. You can check Nokia XR20 full-size imaging samples by clicking here.

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