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Nokia X20 5G may finally get Android 12 Beta builds. Appears with the update on Geekbench


Nokia Mobile announced back in May 2021 that Nokia X20 5G would join the Android 12 dev preview aka the Android 12 Beta program. They had also informed that the Android 12 Beta builds would be available for Nokia X20 5G starting Q3 2021.

There has been silence from Nokia Mobile since then and Nokia X20 5G is yet to taste the update, while we are in August already. But that may change soon as Nokia X20 5G has just appeared on Geekbench running the Android 12 update.

The smartphone with Android 12 scores similar to its Android 11 score. So, the only good inference from this sighting is that Nokia Mobile may be finally planning to release the Beta builds for Android 12 on Nokia X20.

Google released Android 12 Beta 4 recently marking the platform stability for Android 12. This means that while Android 12 Beta testing continues until public release in the future Beta builds may be much more stable.

Android 12 is supposed to bring lots of UI changes, new animations and features. You can read the official details about Android 12 Beta UI changes and new features by clicking here.

Hopefully this also mean that Nokia Mobile will allow OTA installation of the Android 12 Beta builds on Nokia X20 5G and users won’t need to sideload the builds. This is what the Developer Preview page for Nokia X20 still mentions.

We’re pleased to announce that an Android 12 preview build will be released for Nokia X20 devices. This will give developers the opportunity to test their apps on software ahead of the Android 12 general release.

A quick reminder that preview builds are for developers only. They are not suitable for regular use and some applications won’t be supported. OTA (over-the-air) installation will not be available for the Android 12 preview build, so a strong understanding of the sideloading process will be required.

Stay tuned for more information.

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