Nokia X2 tipThe changelog of latest Nokia X2 update mentions something called Lock screen widgets. I had a really difficult time figuring out today what that means and guess what! It is a really neat feature.

This is how you can set a Lock screen Widget, if your Nokia X2 runs latest updated software version 2.1 (

1) Go to Settings—->Turn on Widgets and toggle it on

2) Now press the power button to lock your screen

3) Press the power button again to go to your Lock screen

4) Now, swipe from Left to Right on the Lock screen and you will be taken to the 3rd screenshot shown above with a (+) on Lock screen.

5) Now, tap on thisĀ  (+) and you will be offered two widgets “Calendar” and “Twitter” to set on Lock Screen

6) Chose any of them and you have your first widget on the Lock screen. Now you can set one more by again swiping form left to right and tapping on (+)

The only downside is limited number of widgets ( only two as of now). Hope, we get more options in future.