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Nokia X2 in-depth review. (Daily driver for more than one month)


Battery life & Call quality:

For a heavy usage, with many mail boxes syncing, lot of push notifications and moderate to heavy browser use, Nokia X2 battery easily lasted 28-30 hours. So, for moderate use it may be able to last for 4-5 hours more.

Call quality is very impressive with Nokia X2 and perhaps due to its body construction material, it can manage very good network reception.

Nokia X2.1Unique high-end features:

Here, we are talking about some unique features that usually are packed with higher-end devices. One of them is Glance screen, which is missing from even flagship Lumias like Lumia 930 ( and was criticized by everyone for missing that ). So, Nokia X2 has Glance screen feature and it works flawlessly. Another is double tap to wake up, a feature missing from Lumia 530 and Lumia 630, though you need to do more than “tapping twice” to wake up your screen on Nokia X2. But still “double bang to wake up” is present on Nokia X2.

Nokia X2 vs Lumia 530 comparison:

Lumia 530 over Nokia X2:

Continuous update support, Quad-core processor, Windows Phone fluidity

Nokia X2 over Lumia 530:

Beautiful Flagship like design, 5 MP Autofocus camera with Flash, Better & bigger Display, Glance screen, Double tap to wake up. Some Android games and apps still not available on Windows Phone

Final words:

Nokia X2 is a great option for someone looking for a good quality Nokia smartphone on budget. When compared to similarly priced (Single-Sim) Lumia 630 in India, it comes on top with better design, camera with flash, 2 MP FFC, better display and some advantage in apps and games availability with games like “Candy crush saga” yet not available for Lumia range. Lumia 630 however scores higher in terms of more fluid user experience, and features like Motion Data.

We certainly recommend it over Lumia 530 though and you can read above for why of it. For Android loving crowd too, it is a great option, as it provides one with Nokia flagship like design and feel. With the latest Nokia X platform 2.0, it has much more polished and enhanced user experience and feels like a totally different device than its predecessors. Ironically, it is the last of its lot and that may be one more reason to buy it!!

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