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Nokia X2 in-depth review. (Daily driver for more than one month)


Performance, Browsing & Multitasking:

For assessing performance, we pitted Nokia X2 against Lumia 530. While both are powered by Snapdragon 200 processor, Nokia X2 has a dual-core processor as compared to quad-core on Lumia 530.

Windows Phone’s smoothness and speed is well-known but Nokia X2 too has improved Nokia X OS 2.0. We must admit that Nokia X2 feels like a totally different experience as compared to its predecessors like Nokia X and Nokia XL, thanks to both its hardware and software. It is smoother, faster and overall offer much more enjoyable experience than Nokia X and Nokia XL. You can watch our comparison video below,

The now native Opera Browser on Nokia X2 renders webpages really fast and offers a good browsing experience. The multitasking on Nokia X2 is much improved now. So, while some background processes are always on and you keep on getting push notifications from apps like Facebook, Twitter, Mail, some Games etc, consistently, most of the apps get suspended when sent to background and fast resume from the suspended state on reopening. Though, downloads, apps installations, music play etc work fine in background and one can see them happening in real time in Fastlane and even control them.

Music quality, Video Playback, Display test:

The music output quality is good and without distortions. Speakers are loud!

Video playback is also smooth and Nokia X2 supports 720p video playback natively again an improvement over Nokia X and Nokia XL.

In the below video we play a 720p video from Nokia Mission 31 and test the video playback display. Apart from video watching, we also play three tracks to check the audio output quality.

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