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Nokia X2 in-depth review. (Daily driver for more than one month)


Apps & Games availability:

Nokia X2 shines when it comes to apps availability, because of its Android roots. Nokia store along with 3rd party stores cater to apps and games needs of users efficiently and nearly all the top free Android apps are available for Nokia X2. You can check our video to see 10 top Android apps from Google Play on Nokia X. Nokia X2 also supports Google services like Google Maps, GMail, Google Now launcher, Google search with the latest update.

Nokia has packed Nokia X2 with fully-featured HERE Maps with offline support and it provides great user navigation experience like always. Nokia MixRadio is one of the best free music streaming app with great music listening experience and it again comes with offline mixes as well. OneDrive which comes with 30 GB free storage from Microsoft (in case you back up your camera roll) is very well integrated and the app comes with functional and feature-packed UI.

Nokia X2.3Camera:

Nokia X2 packs a 5 MP auto-focus Nokia camera with flash and as per your testing it is a pretty good camera for its price range. We compared it with Lumia 525’s 5 MP auto-focus camera and here is what we could conclude,

In a nutshell, stills with Nokia X2 camera may look slightly more detailed, sharper yet saturated than stills with Lumia 525 camera under similar capturing conditions. Also, Nokia X2 camera has flash, which Lumia 525 lacks, so that’s one more advantage.

Coming to video capture, if you have a look at the two 720p video samples captured by Nokia X2 and Lumia 525, similar theme appears. Details capture wise both are on par, but Nokia X2 video has more artificial sharpening and color saturation.

You may like to read the comparison in full by clicking here.

It also packs a 2 MP FFC for video calling apps like Skype and Selfies. The FFC also has decent image quality.

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