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Nokia X2 in-depth review. (Daily driver for more than one month)



Design wise, it looks like the Nokia X flagship device. We are truly impressed with the material used by Nokia for its body, which is not metal but gives you a premium feeling, when you hold it. In fact, we feel that Microsoft should use this material on bigger Lumias. Design is very similar to what we see on bigger and higher-end Lumias. The display is awesome for its range and has very good outdoor readability , deep blacks and richer color tones. Design and display wise, this is one of the better low-end to mid-range Nokia devices, I have handled in last some time.

Nokia X2The 4.3-inch, 480p display, is very bright too and has good color contrast. The tile shaped icons look really beautiful on this display.

You may like to watch our Nokia X2 display test including Video watching hands-on and comparison with Lumia 530’s display.


The Nokia X2 comes with Nokia X OS version 2.0, which is based on Android (AOSP) and has Swipe UI seen on Asha 5XX range, only much enhanced.

We were prompted for the latest update which brings many new features including new setup steps, Live Wallpaper support and Google services support. New setup steps which now include creating a Microsoft account just like on Windows Phone. This allows one to get the content associated with that account like contacts, calendars etc to Nokia X2. And if you create a new Microsoft account, you get 30 GB free storage. Learn how here.

Watch the UI navigation in detail in the below video, which now has new multitasking, enhanced Fastlane, brand-new pull-down notification center, Live Wallpaper support and more.

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