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Nokia working on many Lumia 1000 series of phones. 901 Belle, Asha 509, Nokia 510 also revealed.

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RDA leaks hinting about many 1000 series of Lumia phones, Nokia may be supposedly working on. If you remember how Nokia Executives claimed about some phones for which buyers will  climb over their shoulders to buy. So, Lumia 1101, 1003, 1200 may belong to that bunch of “True Nokia Superphones”, which might shake and change the market forever. RDA leaks of last time also revealed one Lumia 1001.

Also noteworthy are Belle 901, Asha 509 and Nokia 510. In the last batch of screenshot sent to us, we saw a certain Belle 805. So, if this is true may be we are looking at one mid to high and one high-end Symbian phone coming in Future. Nokia 510 appeared in last leaks also. Asha 509 is a new entry and if Asha 311 is some indication, then it will certainly be an interesting device.

Thanks Siddhanth for sending this in 🙂

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  • This mobile is really awesome.The design above really pulls you in, please believe us when we say that this what not taken from a Nokia patent. It really is a pure idea. We think Nokia should look into this a little bit much more mainly because it offers them a firm base of where to start if they had been to think about a Lumia 1000 models.For more information about this product click this link :

  • Nokialover

    FAKE!! days ago.. i change bluetooth names on rda!!!!!!!!!

  • Its not hard at all to fake this! i cant believe more Symbian! ummm lumia 1xxx ! would that be tablet?

    • Yup, but if leaks come sudden, then chances of fakes are less. If leaks come in much quicker successions, then you know it.
      Jo Harlow hinted at release of 808 that Symbian will bring Nokia Innovations to the fore.Good enough hint:)
      1000 Series may be Nokia’s ultimate phones or one corner of mind says, may be tablets.

  • rustyknight17

    Yes , but phones from this source have turned out to be real in the past , the 701 , for example . Should bee interesting , especially the Asha 509 , which should be much more advanced than even the 311 . And the 901 Belle , should be worth keeping an eye on ! And let`s not forget the 805 ! Might even have to look at the 1101, 1003 and 1200 ..

    • Rustyknight17 is right. Even Lumia 900’s existence was revealed from RDA leaks first 🙂 Also if you look at the pattern, not all devices can be fake in even 1000s revealed this time or 900s revealed last time.

  • torcida

    Can’t believe that.. Btw: that are only bt-names!

  • An Asha 509 would be a BAD decision. I do NOT want to see a phone with 256 MB RAM, 1 GHz processor, and S40. Give me a Nokia 500 with Belle any day instead.