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FOSS patents report that Nokia has some licensing issues to sort out with Google and its fully owned subsidiary Motorola. Nokia in a filing with ITC has attached following part from a December 3, 2013 email from Nokia’s counsel to Google’s.

Nokia re. 13-10-25 letter to Motorola Mobility HoldingsThe above image reads,

“If Google wishes to proceed with its requested meeting, Nokia will do so, as we have repeatedly told you. Indeed, Nokia’s Robert Gray explained in his October 25, 2013, letter to Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc.: ‘If Google is in a position to end the unauthorized use of Nokia patented technology in Android products, [Nokia] would welcome independent discussions with Google on that basis.’ Google has not taken Nokia up on that offer. Mr. Gray (or someone on his team) remains available to meet in Finland before the settlement conference deadline, if Google so desires.”

Seems, it is finally heading towards the ultimate showdown of Nokia vs Google. Nokia has already sued HTC over Google Maps and navigation services in Germany.

Source: FOSS patents

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