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Nokia T20 Revisited : Love It, Trust It, Definitely Keeping It!


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The Nokia T20 is the first tablet from HMD Global. It is designed around the idea of having a tablet that is affordable, built to last and one that can be enjoyed by the entire family. With this in mind, the Nokia T20 certainly deserves more mentions than it gets. With the Nokia G21 receiving the Android 12 update, it is just a matter of time that the much-awaited update graces the tablet.

The Nokia T20

The T20 is not pretentious with is specifications or its built. It doesn’t promise the moon and the stars. It is meant to get things done. And it excels well. There is much to love about the T20. The sturdy slim built, the aluminum back body, the rounded corners and its well distributed weights for the comfort of holding in one hand.

The T20 is well thought, with its crystal-clear front facing camera placement that makes this an excellent device to have online meetings or even classes.  The rear camera is more than adequate to capture notes or documents on the go, and thanks to the camera flash on the rear, be sure to capture good details even in challenging lights.

Having an expandable storage, ample processing power and RAM means work gets done reliably. The all-day battery life along with built in LTE connectivity means you can bring you work anywhere or anytime. The brilliant 10 in display with its vibrant colors brings the content to life and makes the splint screen experience better. With security updates, your data is safe, giving you a peace of mind and focus more on what matters.

For those with kids, you can now share your tablet with them and simply have curated contents accessible while keeping the rest of your files out of reach. The 3.5 mm head jack allows you to connect the tablet to the headphone to enjoy your content privately in public places or blast the stereo speakers at home for a more cinematic experience.


I really enjoy having a Nokia branded tablet, to compliment my other Nokia devices and accessories. I am glad that the Nokia T20 is priced affordably while providing a very wholesome experience. With excellent battery life, connectivity on the go, expandable storage and updates, the Nokia T20 is definitely in my recommended list.

If you are in the looks for affordable tablet, rich in features, secure and safe for the young minds, the Nokia T20 checks all the right box, and more.

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