The recent Nokia smartphone battery leaks reveal one of the highest capacities of 4500 mAH and 5000 mAH used in any Nokia smartphone so far. In fact 5000 mAH battery has not been used in any of the Nokia smartphones so far.

This certainly hints at two upcoming Nokia smartphones requiring higher capacity batteries for delivering that signature “2-day battery life”. Even Nokia 8.3 5G comes with 4500 mAH battery. So it seems that the higher display refresh rate hinted by HMD CPO earlier for Nokia 7.3 5G may necessitate a 4500 mAH battery with a less powerful processor.

HMD CPO Juho had also confirmed earlier that Nokia 7.3 5G powered by Snapdragon 690 is under development. He had also hinted at a 90 Hz/120 Hz display for Nokia 7.3 5G.

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Coming to the leaked smartphone with 5000 mAH battery it seems HMD is all set to surprise us with a high-end smartphone. Probably the flagship is still under development and coming after all. If a Nokia 9.X is coming it will have probably 120 Hz refresh rate and more powerful processor necessitating a bigger battery.

Since, we also reported a third Nokia smartphone with 4000 mAH battery with 15W charging support, it also seems Nokia 6.3/6.4 is on the way too.