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Nokia has received a prestigious award at the 2013 African Product Forum. It has been awarded the Most Innovative Smart Mobile Phone of the Year. This 2013 African Product Forum was organized by the Institute for Government Research and Leadership Technology (IGRLT) at Sheraton Hotel, Lagos.

Country Director, Institute for Government Research and Leadership Technology, Ambassador Moses Essien explains that in a research conducted amongst various mobile phones using the parameters of “product high quality, value creation, track record and efficacy; product availability, affordability, acceptability and reliability; conformity with global quality for a good smart mobile phone brand; compliance with government regulatory laws and guidelines” amongst others, Nokia outperformed its competitors.

Nokia may have sold off its D&S division to Microsoft, but its legacy will remain something to be always proud of. Nokia has received two more awards in year 2013.

Earlier in 2013, Nokia received two awards namely the Coolest Phone Brand Award at the maiden edition of The Businessday Generation Next Survey Awards and Mobile Phone Brand of the Year Award at the 2013 Marketing World Awards.

Here hoping that the Nokia team keeps similar high quality standard intact under Microsoft as well.

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