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Nokia & Qualcomm come together to create the MulteFire Alliance



Two Technology giants have come together to form an alliance!! Nokia and Qualcomm have founded the “MulteNokia & Qualcomm come together to create the MulteFire Alliancefire Alliance” to combine the best of LTE and WiFi. The alliance seeks to provide LTE using unlicensed spectrum. This will make it easier for smaller entities to deploy networks. Nokia is about to complete its acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent and now with this alliance it is ever getting stronger.

Now with MulteFire, LTE is set to break free from licensed spectrum completely.

Using unlicensed spectrum, particularly the 5 GHz band, means MulteFire can easily be deployed by small businesses, enterprises, venue owners, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), cable companies, building owners and mobile operators.

For traditional operators, it represents a new business opportunity and the chance to improve competitiveness, while it gives ISPs and enterprises the chance to own and control their own LTE networks.

And for the all-important customers, MulteFire offers superior mobility combined with a smooth handover to 3GPP technologies. It also provides end-to-end quality of service and experience and seamless connection.

The technology now has its own support group in the form of the MulteFire Alliance. Founded by MulteFire’s developers Qualcomm and Nokia, this will promote the technology and work towards a global technical specification.

Now, it’s no longer a case of either high performance or high convenience – we can all have both.

Visit our webpage to learn more about MulteFire and the MulteFire Alliance.

Source: Nokia

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