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Nokia posts “Me & My Asha” video series featuring Asha owners from around the world.


Nokia has today posted three videos in “Me & My Asha video series” . These promo videos feature actual Asha device owners around the world and they talk about their experience with the Asha phones.

The Me & My Asha video series tell the stories of young, urban Nokia Asha http://nokia.ly/NxD0Qs owners around the world. These owners are cosmopolitan, highly social and aspirational.

Arnav lives in New Delhi, India. He’s recently graduated and is now looking for a job. He has two great passions in his life: biking and rapping. He uses his Nokia Asha to connect with his friends through social networks.

Jean is a 22-year old woman, living in Bangkok. She loves taking photos and sharing them online. Her Nokia Asha is the means with which she stays connected with her friends.

Ana Laura is an industrial engineering student, living in Mexico City. She dreams of harnessing technology to come up with new ways of improving peoples’ lives.

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