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Nokia Normandy (RM-980) gets certified in Indonesia – Launch Date Close?

Bd5YFtrCMAER5BX.png largeAnother bit of interesting news related to the Android powered Nokia Normandy phone.Nokia product code RM-980 has just received certification by the Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication Indonesia. Now if Kamal’s instincts are right, the RM-980 is the Android powered Nokia Normandy which has already shown us its colors in various leaks.

normandy certification nesia

An approval from the Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication is necessary before a mobile device is launched in the country and the approval of RM-980 points that the device is nearing its launch. So we’ll probably see the Normandy popping up at the MWC next month as already tipped by our sources.

The device being tested and then getting approvals from various authorities point that it is on its launch path and isn’t cancelled as the rumors claimed a few weeks back. Now that it’s coming, will you prefer an Android powered Asha phone over the standard Ashas which run the ASP? Let us know below.


Narender Singh
Student of Business, but tech still remains the topmost interest. Nokia fan for life and has been using Nokia phones since my first phone. Starting with a Nokia 1200, present is a Symbian and future will surely bring a Lumia :) Also played with droids, but still ♥ Nokia. Blog at and here at NPU. Write to him at Email: [email protected]
  • heroe

    Afaik, it is still in the process of certification, not yet certified. The Indonesia Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication still review this Normandy.

  • JLIT99

    I think it will come with the Nokia branding because MS has licensed the Nokia brand for the Asha phones.. But yes, MS could use it as a weapon.

    Although, if I get one I’ll probably find a way of installing Google services onto it like quite a few will.

    • Kamal

      Good point. Asha will still bear Nokia brand name for years! So, Normandy should ideally come with Nokia name.

      • jiipee

        Will it!. Afaik only dumb phones may use Nokia branding under MS, not Lumia nor Asha.

  • JLIT99

    Good news! My wallet is open.

    Nokia’s left us with one big gift before they leave the scene..

    • Will it still be a gift if it comes without the Nokia branding? We never know. This can be Msft’s weapon juts as Google used Windows (PC) to promote its services.

  • troll

    I don’t think we can say until we see it running. If you want an answer RIGHT NOW, I kind of like what I’ll seeing with this new device.

    • Cool that. Still, there’s always a little bit of general preference. No more an Asha which doesn’t have many apps and games to pass your free time 😀 Yes I’m excited if it doesn’t seem like already.

    • NOKIA just don’t get it, what people actually WANT is their ”Pureview”
      Technology baked in an Android Operating System, the Normandy is best phone
      just another overpriced, underspec’d POS.