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After leaksters in China posting the image of the real device with “revelation of app home screen’, this was obviously the turn of evleaks to get things even! So, now the famous leakster has posted press render of upcoming Nokia Android device called Nokia Normandy or which may also come as Asha 1045.

The press render reveals the home-screen and it matches well with the home-screen revealed on the leaked device in China yesterday. It looks like Nokia’s take on metrofying Android. While it didn’t look much appealing in the real device yesterday, in press render it looks really eye-catching.

Bd5YFtrCMAER5BX.png large nokia normandy live

The leaked image confirms other tidbits like Dual-Sim, Dual-Standby, yet again. Interested in knowing the other specs of the device, head over to our Nokia Normandy page. We are really proud of our coverage of the Nokia’s first Android device!

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