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Nokia Normandy might be launched on March 25 as Asha 1045?

[embedit snippet=”google_468″] PS: This is just my own personal guess taking into account the past observations.

Nokia Normandy is a very interesting device firstly because it can be Nokia’s very first Android device and secondly because of the fact that this can take Nokia Asha to another level. So just decided to pin down a bit of my observations over here.

On January 8th, @evleaks posted the following screenshots/renders of the Nokia Normandy phone. There are three sections first being the Lock Screen, next is the viber app and skype login screen is shown next to it. Nokia Normandy asha 1045 The first screen shows the time as 10:45 and the date is set at March 25 2014. Looking at the historical Nokia renders from 2013, in 99% of the cases the time shown depicted the official branding number of the phone. On the same note, in 95% of the cases the date shown depicted the date when the phone was supposed to be announced. I’ve created the picture below collecting some of those renders.

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All this points to the possibility of Nokia Normandy launching as Asha (or maybe a new brand?) 1045 with an announcement date of March 25th. Again, this is just a guess based on how the things have happened in the past.

We assign a Mill-O-Meter score of 65/100 to this.

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